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Classroom Happenings

Mixtures and Solutions in 5th Grade Science
Posted by Colleen McDonald on 1/10/2020


The 5th graders in 5F and 5T began their new mixtures and solutions unit. The students started by first observing three different solid materials. Next, they added water to the solid materials and made observations of the mixtures made. Students then brainstormed ways to separate the mixtures, and subsequently used screens and filters for the separation process. Finally, for the solution mixture that did not separate by means of screens or filters, the students used the process of evaporation. They are excited to observe their results!


5F Sends Holiday Care Packages to Soldiers Overseas
Posted by Colleen McDonald on 12/20/2019

In celebration of the holiday season, families of 5F donated items to be sent to US soldiers overseas for the holidays. Students brought in the variety of donated items to school and then boxed the items in separate care packages. Included in the boxes were student-made holiday cards and individual letters written to troops.  

The care packages were sent to the battalion of former LAS and CHS graduate Graham Howard who is currently serving overseas in Kuwait.
Map Skills in 4th Grade
Posted by Colleen McDonald on 10/9/2019
The fourth grade students at LAS are learning about map skills in social studies. To practice naming and locating the continents and oceans, the students participated in several activities. While some students played a memory game, other students used an online program to locate the different continents. The students kept track of their scores and worked to improve their skills.
The Marshmallow Challenge in 5M
Posted by Colleen McDonald on 9/17/2019
Ms. Marcin's fifth grade class worked together and took on the Marshmallow Challenge!