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About our School

Livingston Avenue School (Grades 3-5)

Livingston Avenue School celebrates over 50 years of educating, serving and nurturing Cranford’s students in grades three, four, and five. Our motto, “Learners Always Succeed”, is the hallmark of our educational program while the three C’s–“C”aring, “C”ommunity, and “C”ommitment–continues to be the pledge that guides our students during their educational experience.

The Livingston Avenue School staff is dedicated to implementing an environment that is based on collaboration and cooperation. We respect the individual differences in our learners and believe in the need to focus our efforts by providing a personalized education in a learning environment that meets the intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of all the students. The Livingston Avenue School staff also aims to create and foster an open line of communication with all of our parents/guardians to gather additional information that will lead to a successful year for our students.

Our central focus is personalized learning. This means to provide our students with an educational experience uniquely suited to their particular developmental needs. To achieve this, we tailor all of our academic programs and differentiate classroom instruction to meet the distinctive academic, social and emotional needs of each student. This helps ensure our students graduate from Livingston Avenue School not only with a deep understanding of specific subject matter, but also with an appreciation of their own unique skills, abilities and learning styles.

Students at Livingston Avenue School are encouraged to participate in a variety of co-curricular clubs and activities offered both before and after school. We are particularly proud of our music program, which includes our school Band, Orchestra and Chorus. Beyond music, Livingston Avenue School offers students the chance to participate in a variety of clubs and activities including Student Council, Drama, Math, Newspaper, Science and Technology clubs.

Livingston Avenue School’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is very active, and plans numerous activities and endeavors for our students throughout the year. Kids Night Out, Family Ice Skating, Valentine’s Ice-Cream Social, Family Volleyball Night, Art Night, Family Friendly Haunted House and Night of the Stars are only a few of the PTA sponsored highlights that our school community looks forward to each year. In addition, the PTA plans many of our school assemblies as well as partially sponsors Field Trips and Classroom Mini-Grants. Indeed, our school administration, teachers and parents enjoy a collaborative relationship centered on enhancing educational opportunities for our children.

At Livingston Avenue School we view education as a continuum, beginning with kindergarten and continuing throughout our students’ lives. Accordingly, we place a high emphasis on our students’ transition into Livingston Avenue School from their primary school, Walnut Avenue, as well as their exit, as they move on to middle school at Hillside Avenue. To smooth these transitions we engage in an ongoing conversation with our students to understand and meet their needs upon entering and leaving Livingston Avenue School. Only through this comprehensive approach to education can we truly be certain that Livingston Avenue School is a place where the lives of our children are guided by the three C’s of Caring, Community, and Commitment.